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The notification feature of MentionFunnel is designed to you stay informed about when your keywords are mentioned on social media platforms such as Reddit, Twitter and Hacker News. When you set up your MentionFunnel account, you can select the specific social media platforms you want to monitor. After this you can create a campaign with the specific keywords you are interested in tracking. Once you have set up your account, MentionFunnel will continuously scan the selected social media platforms for mentions of the specified keywords.

When MentionFunnel detects a mention of one of the your keywords, it will send a notification to you through your preferred notification method. This can be an email (daily), a message on Discord or Slack, or a notification inside the app itself. The notification will include a link to the social media post or comment where the keyword was mentioned, as well as the keywords that were mentioned. This will allow you to quickly and easily stay up-to-date on all mentions of your keywords, and take any necessary actions, such as replying to them, in response.

In addition to receiving notifications for individual keyword mentions, MentionFunnel also offers the ability to set up custom alert triggers, which allow you to receive notifications based on specific conditions or combinations of keywords (for now this is only supported for Twitter). For example, you could set up an alert trigger to receive a notification whenever your brand name is mentioned in conjunction with a negative sentiment word, such as "hate" or "dislike." This can help you identify and address any potential issues or negative sentiment towards your brand in real-time, and take proactive steps to address them.



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