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Message templates

Message templates

The message templates feature of MentionFunnel allows you to create customisable templates for your private messages and replies on social media platforms such as Twitter, Reddit and Hacker News (for now only Reddit has this functionality). This can be used to save time and streamline your communication with leads and contacts.

To create a message template, you can either go to the message templates section of the website and click the "create template" button or create it from any place you can send messages from. You can then enter the text of the message and use placeholders, such as the mentioned keyword or the user's username, to customise the message for individual recipients.

Once a message template has been created, you can use it to quickly and easily send personalised messages to large groups of contacts and individuals. This can be useful for sending bulk messages to people who have mentioned your brand in a positive context, for example.

With the message templates feature, MentionFunnel helps you save time and resources by eliminating the need to manually compose and send each message individually. It also makes it easy for you to personalise your communication and create a more professional and effective messaging strategy, which will help convert more leads into customers.



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