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Mentions inbox

Mentions inbox

The mention inbox feature of MentionFunnel is designed to help you stay organised and on top of all mentions of your keywords on social media platforms. The mention inbox is a central location within the MentionFunnel website where you can view and manage all of your mentions in one place. When you are setting up your MentionFunnel account, you can select the specific social media platforms you want to monitor, as well as the specific keywords you are interested in tracking.

Once you have set up your account, MentionFunnel will continuously scan the selected social media platforms for mentions of the specified keywords. When MentionFunnel detects a mention of one of the your keywords, it will be added to your mentions inbox. The mentions inbox displays all mentions in a chronological list, with the most recent mentions appearing at the top. You can filter and sort these mentions by platform, keyword, sentiment, or other criteria to quickly and easily find the mentions that are most relevant to you.

In addition to viewing and organising mentions, the mention inbox also offers a variety of tools for you to manage your mentions and engage with your audience. You can reply to mentions directly from the mentions inbox (including using message templates), so you never have to leave the website. You can also save and mark mentions as read, send private messages, add users to your contact list and much more.



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