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Bulk messaging

Bulk messaging

The bulk messaging feature of MentionFunnel will allow you to easily send private messages to large groups of users saved in your contact list, which includes people who have mentioned your keywords on social media. This can be useful for sending bulk messages to users who have all mentioned your brand name with a negative keyword, for example. To use the bulk messaging feature, you first need to add people to your contact lists, where you can further add tags and write notes for each contact.

Once you have set up your contact lists, you can create customisable message templates to use for sending bulk messages. These templates can be personalised for individual recipients, making it easy to send personalised, mass communication.

MentionFunnel's bulk messaging feature is designed to avoid being considered spam by each respective social media platform. With MentionFunnel's bulk messaging feature, you can easily and efficiently communicate with large groups of leads in your contact list, and save time and resources in the process.



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