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Notifier.so Alternative

Kristina Bilkova /

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Despite their shared focus on brand monitoring and social listening, MentionFunnel and Notifier have unique features that set them apart. If you're considering using MentionFunnel as an alternative to Notifier, it's important to understand the differences between the two tools and make an informed decision.

Notifier vs. MentionFunnel

This guide offers an in-depth comparison of MentionFunnel and Notifier, analysing their strengths and weaknesses as social media monitoring tools. By assessing the distinct features of each platform, you'll gain the insights needed to determine which solution best suits your needs.


If you're exploring MentionFunnel alternatives, researching the available features is likely a top priority. Understanding the capabilities of both MentionFunnel and Notifier can help you identify the best solution for your needs.

To begin, let's compare and contrast these social media and web monitoring tools to highlight their key differences. Below, we'll delve into a few select features offered by both MentionFunnel and Notifier.

Monitored platforms

MentionFunnel currently supports monitoring keywords on the platforms Reddit, Twitter and Hacker News. Notifier on the other hand supports Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Hacker News, so Notifier supports 2 more platforms.

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis in MentionFunnel

MentionFunnel and Notifier both support sentiment analysis, which can be a very important data point for your business.

Effective brand reputation management and online presence monitoring require leveraging sentiment analysis. This essential data point proves especially useful for social media and PR managers, enabling them to track how people perceive your business. With MentionFunnel, you can easily filter through positive, negative, or neutral mentions to gain valuable insights into the conversations surrounding your brand.


MentionFunnel allows you to stay up-to-date with every conversation about your brand with MentionFunnel's customisable email, Slack, and Discord notifications triggered by keyword mentions. MentionFunnel's supports hourly email digests as well as instant Slack and Discord notifications ensure you will never miss any mentions of your brand and other keywords. You can also easily manage your notification preferences within the app, as seen in the image below

Notification preferences in MentionFunnel

Notifier does not send out notifications via Slack or Discord, but it can send you emails. It's also wasn't clear in the app how often these emails (it seems like it's only daily) are sent or how to manage your preferencdes, so MentionFunnel is definitely better in this regard.


Filtering mentions in MentionFunnel

MentionFunnel offers multiple filtering options that are visible and available for every user. The tool allows you to filter your mentions by sentiment, as mentioned above, as well as its platform, type (comment or post) and tags. It also allows you to search through all your mentions with full text search.

Notifier does not allow you to filter the matches on their website, which can make it difficult to find mentions that are relevant. mentions, which makes


Mention inbox in MentionFunnel

MentionFunnel allows you to reply to mentions of your keyword directly from within the app. This is very useful for staying on top of things. Although this is not available on the free plan, you can still click on a link that will take you to the post or comment directly.

Notifier does not have this functionality in their app, so you have to click on the link directly and reply via the platform itself.

Bulk messaging

Bulk messaging in MentionFunnel

Including replying to mentions, you can send bulk messages to everyone who has mentioned your keyword, all from within MentionFunnel. You can even make these messages personal with message templates that you can create yourself.

As with replying, Notifier does not allow you to do this via their app. Instead you must do it via the platform itself (if it's supported).


The interface of social media monitoring software is also very important in my opinion. It needs to be user-friendly, clear, and understandable. Let's check how both products perform as far as their design is concerned.

MentionFunnel's design

MentionFunnel's mention inbox where you can reply to mentions

MentionFunnel supports both dark mode and light mode. It also has a nice UI for replying to mentions from within the app, as well as an inbox feature for sending private messages.

Notifier's design

Notifier's dashboard where you can monitor mentions of your keywords

Although Notifier's functionality is robust, its outdated and unattractive design could be a hindrance for some users. Additionally, the app lacks an efficient filtering system for sorting keyword matches, which can make it challenging to locate relevant mentions, especially when considering the less-than-ideal design.


MentionFunnel offers a free plan while Notifier does not, although Notifier does provide a free trial. Notifier's basic plan, starting at $20 per month, includes 3 searchers with up to 5,000 mentions each, and email notifications exclusively. In contrast, MentionFunnel's basic plan starts at $13 per month, also with 3 campaigns and 5,000 mentions per month. However, it also includes notifications via Slack, and Discord, as well as bulk messaging, replying directly from within the app, message templates and more.

With Notifier, higher-priced tiers begin at $50 and $100 per month, offering 20 and 100 searches, respectively, with an additional $2.99 per month for each extra search. In comparison, MentionFunnel's advanced pricing plan starts at only $33 per month, with 10 campaigns and up to 10,000 mentions per month, as well as other advanced features to elevate your social listening efforts. Explore the full range of MentionFunnel's pricing options to learn more.

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