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F5Bot Alternative

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MentionFunnel and F5Bot are both brand monitoring and social listening tools with a free plan, but even though this is the case, they definitely differ. Is MentionFunnel a good alternative to F5Bot? Which tool should you choose? You will find all answers inside this article.

F5Bot vs. MentionFunnel

The purpose of this article is to evaluate and compare MentionFunnel and F5Bot, which are both free social media monitoring tools. It will determine if they are suitable alternatives to each other, as well as examine their distinct features. The information provided in this guide will assist you in making a decision between these two solutions.


Knowing what features MentionFunnel and F5Bot can offer you is probably what interests you the most. While looking for alternatives to MentionFunnel, you should definitely focus on researching other tools' functions.

Let's start the comparison and learn more about both social media and web monitoring tools to see what the differences between them are. Below we will compare a couple of the features that both tools offer.

Monitored platforms

MentionFunnel currently supports monitoring keywords on the platforms Reddit, Twitter and Hacker News. F5Bot on the other hand supports Reddit, Hacker News and Lobster.rs, but not Twitter.

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis in MentionFunnel

MentionFunnel is the only one out of the two that offers sentiment analysis, which can be considered a big win.

Sentiment analysis is a vital data point for measuring brand reputation and online presence. It can be a very useful tool for social media and PR managers especially. In MentionFunnel you can filter through positive, negative or neutral mentions to check how people are talking about your business.


MentionFunnel can send you an email, Slack, or Discord notifications every time one of your keywords is mentioned. The emails are sent as an hourly digest, while those via Slack and Disord are done without any delay, so this is perfect to stay up to date with all your brand mentions and conversations about your company. It is also possible to manage all your notification preferences inside the app, as seen in the image below.

Notification preferences in MentionFunnel

F5Bot does not send out notifications via Slack or Discord, but it can send you emails. Keep in mind that it has a daily limit of 50 mentions in 24 hours for standard users and 1000 hits for power users. MentionFunnel's limit is 200 mentions per month on the free plan, however this increases to 2000 per month per campaign with the cheapest paid plan.


Filtering mentions in MentionFunnel

MentionFunnel offers multiple filtering options that are visible and available for every user. The tool allows you to filter your mentions by sentiment, as mentioned above, as well as its platform, type (comment or post) and tags. It also allows you to search through all your mentions with full text search.

F5Bot does not list your mentions in their app, so it's not possible to filter them.


Mention inbox in MentionFunnel

MentionFunnel allows you to reply to mentions of your keyword directly from within the app. This is very useful for staying on top of things. Although this is not available on the free plan, you can still click on a link that will take you to the post or comment directly.

F5Bot does not have this functionality in their app, so you have to click on the link directly and reply via the platform itself.

Bulk messaging

Bulk messaging in MentionFunnel

Including replying to mentions, you can send bulk messages to everyone who has mentioned your keyword, all from within MentionFunnel. You can even make these messages personal with message templates that you can create yourself.

As with replying, F5Bot does not allow you to do this via their app. Instead you must do it via the platform itself (if it's supported).


The interface of social media monitoring software is also very important in my opinion. It needs to be user-friendly, clear, and understandable. Let's check how both products perform as far as their design is concerned.

MentionFunnel's design

MentionFunnel's mention inbox where you can reply to mentions

MentionFunnel supports both dark mode and light mode. It also has a nice UI for replying to mentions from within the app, as well as an inbox feature for sending private messages.

F5Bot's design

F5Bot's dashboard where you can track keywords

F5Bot's app consists of 1 page that is very simple, as seen in the image above. It is not very appealing to look at, but it works well for what it does.


F5Bot only has a free plan and MentionFunnel offers 3 tiers of plans, including a very generous free plan, as discussed above.

The higher tiers of MentionFunnel's pricing plan allow you to take your social listening to another level. The cheapest plan starts at $13 per month, which is very affordable compared to other alternatives such as Awario or Mentionk, for example.

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