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MentionFunnel will help you find quality leads who mention your keywords on social media and let you run personalised outreach campaigns

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So how does it work?

Find your target audience

With our advanced search capabilities, you can effortlessly discover thousands of leads that are perfectly tailored to your business on popular platforms such as Reddit, Twitter, and Hacker News.
The words the contact mentioned in a post or comment, e.g. lead gen. Use quotation marks ("lead gen") for an exact match
The minimum score of the post or comment
From this date onwards
Before this date
The maximum number of contacts added every time you hit "Add contacts"
Only search in these subreddits, or one of our curated target audiences
Choose the contacts you want to send a message to
The subject (used on Reddit)
The message the user will receive. You can use the dynamic variables {{username}} and {{mentionedKeyword}}

Send personalised messages

Efficiently send personalised direct messages to hundreds of leads per day with our outreach campaigns, and see your growth skyrocket.

Monitor social media

Easily track mentions of your keywords on social media platforms and receive instant notifications to effectively convert potential leads into customers or keep tabs on your brand.


  1. Bob mentioned your brand in Campaign 1

  2. Charlie mentioned your competitor in Campaign 2

  3. 3 people mentioned your brand in Campaign 4

  4. 5 people mentioned your competitor in Campaign 5

  5. Bob mentioned your value proposition in Campaign 3

Why MentionFunnel?

Still not convinced? Here's a quick summary of all the reasons you should be using MentionFunnel to find leads easily

Frequently asked questions

How does MentionFunnel work?
MentionFunnel can be used as a social listening tool, which means we will notify you whenever one of your keywords are mentioned, as well as a cold outreach tool. You simply create a list of potential leads, set up an outreach campaign and we will message them for you in bulk.
Which social media platforms are supported on MentionFunnel?
Currently we support Reddit, Twitter and Hacker News, but we are planning on adding support for other platforms such as Quora as well.
Is my Reddit account safe while using MentionFunnel?
Of course! We only require the minimum Reddit permissions to do our job of finding you new leads. To see which permissions we need and why, check out our Privacy Policy, which lists them all and the reason they are required.
Do I need a Reddit account to use MentionFunnel?
No. You do not need a Reddit account to use MentionFunnel, but if you want to reply from within the app or send bulk messages to users on Reddit, then you will need to connect an account.
How much time does it take to get up and running?
On the keyword monitoring side we have already curated some audiences that you can use (even on the free plan), so all you need to do is enter the keywords you want to track and you will start finding new leads immediately. For the cold outreach side you will first have to create a contact list, but then you can start sending messages immediately.
Can my Reddit account be banned by using MentionFunnel?
MentionFunnel is a tool to help you find leads on Reddit, but it should not be used to spam Reddit. Whilst MentionFunnel can be used to send messages in bulk, we rate limit your messages to avoid spamming Reddit and help protect your account. Of course we can't control everything you do, so we urge you to use common sense (and use a Reddit account with at least some karma).

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